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  • Chocolate Bike Kit


    Our chocolate bike kit has been revamped this year to celelbate the Tour of Britain so we now have the green shirt, gold wheels & spanners to go with it.

  • Chocolate Bike


    Our chocolate racing bike was developed in time for the Tour of Britain starting in September and passing through the Cotswolds. So of course, it had to have the new "green shirt" too! Belgian milk chocolate

  • Chocolate Music Bar


    A chocolate music bar is a must for any musician with genuine music too. This year we've changed our technique and added milk chocolate so that it has even wider appeal. Milk & white chocolate.

  • Motorists Chocolate Box


    Our chocolate motorist box contains two chocolate steering wheels, a spark plug and a road sign (rice paper). Belgian milk, dark, white chocolate. Ideal for nibbling en route.

  • Sewing Machine Chocolates


    Three chocolate sewing machines in a box. My favourite line to date as I used to be a textile artist and still love my sewing machine (from a distance) Ideal for anyone who loves crafts of any description. This is totally unique. You will not see it anywhere else as it's our own design. Belgian milk & dark chocolate

  • Chocolate Playing Cards


    Chocolate playing cards are so real. Ideal for all ages and interests. Please note that the cards will vary We can not guarantee what "hand" you will be dealt, but each set will contain one picture card minimum. Plus each pack contains a milk chocolate bar backing so that you have two types of chocolate in one hit!

  • Love Music Chocolate Box


    Our "love music" chocolate box is an ideal gift for those who love music & chocolate.

  • Love Wine Chocolate Box


    Our "love wine" chocolate box is an ideal gift for those who love wine, parties & chocolate. So much to celebrate!