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  • Gloucester Old Spot Pig


    The Gloucester Old Spot pig is our local breed so what better than to offer it in Belgian milk chocolate..  Also available in "pink"  Just ask.

  • Gloucester Cows


    Gloucester cows are unique to our area and we thought this one had real character. Even better in chocolate

  • Cotswold Sheep Small


    Our Cotswold sheep are irreplaceable. People love them Dark and White Belgian chocolate

  • Mr Owl


    A chocolate owl is a new character to add to our menagerie, but everyone loves them. Belgain milk, white and dark chocolate

  • Sheep with Shades


    What could be more whacky than sheep with shades? Totally unique in chocolate and reality.

  • Chocolate Bumble Bee Lolly


    A chocolate bumble bee to compliment our chocolate ladybird lollies.  So different and the printed background looks just like a honey combe too.  Belgian milk chocolate with white and dark highlights

  • Chocolate Ladybird Lolly


    Chocolate ladybirds are loved by both adults and children.  The spotty background of this chocolate ladybird lolly provides the perfect camouflage too.  Belgian milk chocolate with white chocolate highlights  Backgrounds may vary with designs and type of chocolate but you will be notified.

  • Cotswold Sheep 40g


    Chocolate sheep are always popular as they make people smile with their individual characters. So we couldn't miss this one from our collection

  • Dinky Chocolate Dogs


    Dinky chocolate dogs, could be Daschunds or any other long, slim breed. Hand crafted in dark & milk Belgian chocolate. Four to a box. The print just adds that "gift" appeal. Totally unique. You won't find it anywhere else as it's our own idea.

  • Pony Round


    A chocolate pony with character. For pony lovers every where. Designed to follow some of our other successful animals with character. Milk, dark & white Belgian chocolate.